Will I Fall in Love with You? vs. Can I Learn to Love with You?

So you’ve met someone and things are going great. Incredibly great! Maybe you expected it. Maybe not. But here the two of you are hitting it off and enjoying yourselves. Your conversations are getting more serious, your interactions more intentional and memorable. Your chemistry is undeniable and you have so much in common! You recognize…

How to Fix Your Mate:  7 Steps to Move from Apprehension to Appreciation

Let’s clarify one thing.  Love is about freedom not control. We can fix objects and situations not people.  No matter what quirk or irritation you and your special person are at odds about, here are some steps that can help change the situation while encouraging your mate to be their best!

Our Story Begins With Prayer

We both longed for something different. Something special. Something real. The story of how we’ve reached this day began on our knees with a few simple prayers.

Our Journey Continues

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